This Photographer Is Exploring the Mechanics of the Nude Selfie

Photographer Dora Papanikita believes that smartphones have altered how we communicate sexually – a belief I’m sure many of you smartphone users would agree with. For her, technology has shifted our needs for – and means of – receiving satisfaction, as well as allowing us to engage in sexual relationships with people on the other side of the world.

Her project Sex in the Digital Age focuses on the female side of these relationships and explores how sexual expression has changed with the advent of apps such as Snapchat and Instagram. I spoke to her to find out more.

VICE: How did you become interested in this topic?
Dora Papanikita: I’ve been wanting to make work about this for a while, and after having conversations with some of my friends I was inspired to start working on it. There was one story in particular, though – my friend was in an exclusive relationship with someone who lived in the same city as them, but they never met up. Their relationship was through their smartphones. It just shook me how technology has affected not only our regular lives, but even our sex lives.

The project also goes a bit further to talk about the nude selfie – is it a booster for self esteem? Is it something girls enjoy doing or not? How does it affect the sexual communication between a couple, especially when there is distance between them?


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